Take Stock

Hello friends! I (WCD) love planning and organizing things, but I haven’t really done it with my money in awhile. There was a time when I had serious money plans and I totally succeeded at them. It was a great feeling when I made my goals and was able to move on knowing I was prepared for the time ahead. But since I haven’t been getting paid so much in recent years, I’ve been on the default money plan: trying not to think about it. Now it’s time to face up. I’m gonna make a plan. Read More →

spending fast

ECD here, and I’m going to talk to you about a personal mission of mine: saving money! I have quite a few financial goals I’m trying to achieve in the next two years (more about those later), and I need to seriously cut down on my frivolous spending in order to achieve them. And I don’t mean cutting down on my monthly Starbucks budget either, I mean taking a real, hard look at where I’ve been spending my money. That’s why I’m going on a clothes-buying fast.Read More →


Oh hey there, So you just heard about what it’s like to have soul-crushing-cost-of-living debt over in LA, now you get to learn about having soul-crushing-grad-school debt.  I’m your resident East Coast Dame, and while my cost-of-living is actually pretty good in the River City, my student loan debt could buy me a nice, pretty house.Read More →

welcome Los Angeles

Hola! Let’s talk a little about why we’re here. First, we’re dames. Second, we’re in debt. And debt suuuuucccckkkksssss. Like really sucks. It’s soul crushing and keeps me up at night – like tonight, since I’m writing this at 12:58 am – as in, the middle of the night. So, we have a few options here in regards to debt. 1. Keep the debt. Who cares? Ooo let’s make more! 2. Ask the ‘rents for help. (Because everyone has rich parents, right?) 3. Fake our deaths and hideaway out of the country. I’d personally pick someplace with nice beach access. 4. Deal with it. And maybeRead More →