Welcome Post: West Coast Edition

welcome Los Angeles

Welcome Post: West Coast Edition


Let’s talk a little about why we’re here. First, we’re dames. Second, we’re in debt. And debt suuuuucccckkkksssss. Like really sucks. It’s soul crushing and keeps me up at night – like tonight, since I’m writing this at 12:58 am – as in, the middle of the night.

So, we have a few options here in regards to debt.
1. Keep the debt. Who cares? Ooo let’s make more!
2. Ask the ‘rents for help. (Because everyone has rich parents, right?)
3. Fake our deaths and hideaway out of the country. I’d personally pick someplace with nice beach access.
4. Deal with it. And maybe help some other people deal with it along the way 🙂

You don’t know us yet, but we’re highly independent, tough cookies. And we fancy ourselves smart too. So obviously our answer is to deal with it. Since we don’t have a support network or enough cash to escape the country, we’re in it to win it. Let’s give those old people who complain about millennials’ entitlement something to really talk about (and in a good way!)

In the posts to come I hope to share with you some tips, ideas, motivation, and encouragement to get your debt down while also creating and living the life you want for yourself all while I put it to the test for you. Even in a stupid expensive city like LA (please tell me if you know the secret answer to living here).

So hi! Welcome! We’re so glad to have you and we hope we can help you out while providing some mild entertainment as we work our way out of this debt. Come along for the ride! (heads up, I’ve got a lot of cheesy sayings coming up. Prepare yourself.)

Let’s do this!