Mini Money Challenge #1: No Extra Food (& Definitely no Guac)

Mini Money Challenge #1: No Extra Food (& Definitely no Guac)

Hey folks,

Part of my daily struggle with saving money is that I seem to keep spending it! A harmless Starbucks trip here, a post-workout Chipotle run…maybe buying not-totally-necessary extra tasty treats at the grocery store. At any rate, all these seemingly innocent extra food purchase add up. So, inspired by my ongoing clothing fast, I’m doing a mini challenge for food purchases this week.


The Rules:

  • NO extra food purchases (i.e. no Starbucks, no Chipotle, no food carts at lunch, no purchased drinks at Happy Hour)
  • Challenge runs from midnight on Monday thru midnight on Friday.
  • I think that’s it…I can’t really think of any other rules I would need 😛

I’m hoping to start reigning in my out-of-control food budget a little at a time. This week, it’s just going to be no extra weekday food purchases outside of the groceries I got Sunday. Next week, I’m going to tackle weekends with the boyfriend. After that, maybe my total grocery expenditure per week? Hopefully, I can eventually develop enough willpower to notice when I’m making these types of purchases and teach myself to stop, along with cooking more regularly at home so that I want to eat the food I’ve already bought instead.

Food is such a big factor in a budget, and I feel like young people like myself are at the biggest risk of eating out. It’s so much easier to buy one meal once rather than make a recipe for 4 and have to eat leftovers for 2 days. Mini Challenge #1 is my first step on a long road to recovery from my eating-out addiction.

Here we go!




-Monday: Things went pretty well…felt really motivated to stick to the challange.

-Tuesday: I totally slipped up and bought a cookie in the afternoon, BUT I used the change in my wallet so does this even count as a cheat?

-Wednesday: no money spent here!

-Thursday: another blissful day in no extra food spending paradise. Most likely thanks to my 5 hour “nap” after work.

-Friday: I made it! Also, I rewarded myself with another cookie with my wallet change. I really need to work on this sugar addiction.

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  1. I definitely know how quickly these like this can add up. The building I work in (for my day job) has a lovely café in it, with better than Starbucks coffee drinks and great, quick food options. I have to really hold myself back some days. I think a mini money challenge is right up my alley.

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