$pending Fast: 90 Day Update

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$pending Fast: 90 Day Update

Whew, somehow it has already been 90 days since I started my spending fast. I should mention that in addition to clothes, I added all unnecessary purchases to the spending fast (no knick-knacks, books, fancy make-up, or 5k runs, etc.) because I was feeling so good about the clothes-buying aspect. So far so good, I haven’t cheated at all, with the exception of getting a haircut, which I’m counting as a necessity since I only get 2 a year.

Here are some things I’ve learned thus far:

  • It’s really easy to not buy clothes if you don’t let yourself peruse the clothing sections at stores (I’m looking at you, Target).
  • Clothes are apparently not really my spending problem…I’m having a much harder time not buying random and adorable home decor pieces.
  • I own just enough pairs of workout pants to make it through the week.
  • I’ve already filled two bags with clothes to donate because I’m not sure I’ve worn them in years.
  • I have a horrific amount of trendy stuff that I’m hoping to sell…what a waste of money!
  • Staying within my “miscellaneous” budget each month is becoming more reality than far-off dream.
  • Because of the spending fast, I’m starting to see weaknesses in other areas of my budget, such as my food purchases.
  • I’ve gotten much more creative with accessorizing my outfits so that it doesn’t look like I wear the same clothes all the time.

And the best for last…

I’ve really started to become more aware of all the things I buy. I’ve noticed a lot of extra things lying around my apartment, and I’m excited about donating/selling them all. I’m hoping to get 1 or 2 extra credit card payments out of all that stuff. It’s bittersweet, since it feels like I wasted so much money in the past, but at least the future looks bright and full of saved money – and less purchases!

I can’t wait for the 6-month update, which will be right after my first set of donations.


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  1. This is encouraging! I love the insight you are getting from your fast. I think I need to do a fast!

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