We Tried It: Coconut Oil

We Tried It

We Tried It: Coconut Oil

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We Dames have been a little heavy lately, so today’s post topic is a little lighter and fun and introduces a new series we will be working on: budget beauty and house tips! Today we tackle the magic that is coconut oil. Let’s get started!

From my Taking Stock series, Part One and Part Two, you know that I went through all of my possessions Marie Kondo style. When I hit the bathroom I was surprised at how many items I had in there. Now I’m not that into makeup or hair appliances or nail polish collections like many women. I always considered myself somewhat a minimalist in the accessories I have in my bathroom space. So why then did I have so many things taking up my precious bathroom space? What were all these things?

I know you’re just dying in anticipation right now, so I’ll tell you. I had multiples of products for the same jobs. I had multiple hair conditioners, multiple face washes, multiple lotions. And many of them were expired. Didn’t know lotion expired, did ya?

Well I have found the product to replace all those others I had. A, some may say, magical tincture to cure what ails you!…as long as what ails you is multiple bath products. And this magic potion is…duh duh duuuuuuhhhhhhh:

Coconut Oil! I’m sure you’ve heard about it all over the internet among the healthy, crunchy, granola folks, but this stuff is the real deal! It has saved me from throwing away money on unsatisfying skin products every month. This jar was the organic kind so it was a bit more expensive than your non-organic variety, but it was $6. And it replaces everything. I use it for:

  • moisturizer
  • makeup remover
  • main ingredient in DIY makeup
  • cuticle and nail care
  • lotion
  • shaving cream
  • chapstick
  • around my nose when it’s all dry…hey! It works! Don’t you judge me! 😉
  • deep hair conditioner

And while $6 a bottle seems a little steep for some oil, that one 14 oz bottle has lasted me going on four months now. That’s four months of not buying lotion, not buying shaving cream (which I always felt was some sort of racket and somewhat of a sexist marketing strategy), not buying special face moisturizer, or chapstick! I estimate that I’ve saved at least $70 over these last three months by using coconut oil instead of purchasing new products marketed for very specific functions. It’s not a specialist, it’s a generalist and I like that!

Some tips I’ve learned from using my beautiful, beautiful coconut oil:

  • do not get it in your eye. It’s a great eyeliner and mascara remover, but it will blur your vision for 10 minutes if you accidentally blink it
  • a little bit goes a long way
  • use a little soapy water to help rinse your razor after each stroke
  • the jar is a little cumbersome to use, so just put it in a pot of warm water so the solid oil melts (around 75 degrees F) and pour into a pretty container. Aren’t we fancy!
  • it smells pretty!

Give it try and see how you like it. I recommend testing on a small portion of skin before jumping in just in case, but this stuff is pretty amazing. And it is saving me money, and I can’t argue much with that.

Stay beautiful, people!


Anyone have any other uses for coconut oil? (you know, besides cooking) 😀


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  2. I like making pomade with coconut oil as a base. I do the DIY shampoo route, and follow up with a tiny bit of coconut oil as an after-shower conditioner. It’s lasted for nearly two years and my thick hair feels like velvet. Cheap and effective.

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