Going All In: The Yakezie Challenge

Yakezie challenge

Going All In: The Yakezie Challenge

When my sister and I first started our blog, we wanted to create a place where we could journal our way through debt repayment. We wanted somewhere to chronicle all the ups and downs that come with being swamped with debt and trying to pay it all off…while also being twenty-somethings. We also wanted people to read our stories. Because of all of this, we’ve decided to join the Yakezie Challenge.

So, we joined something that sounds bizarre, and now we have a fun Yakezie badge on our site. What’s changing you might wonder? Absolutely nothing. This blog will still be two sisters living the dream while trying to pay down six figures in debt at some point in the future. We’re just hoping to increase the number of lovely individuals supporting us by reading our journey. This Challenge starts with us officially announcing that we’ve joined on the blog, so here we go! We’re going all-in on this blog thing.

If you’re interested in joining the Yakezie Challenge too, you can find tons more info here. Basically, it’s a six-month challenge doing a lot of things most bloggers already do, including supporting other bloggers. The main goal is to get an Alexa ranking below 200,000. In the Dames’ case, we’re just hoping to have an Alexa ranking by the end of the challenge. Anyhow, this is just another way to keep us motivated on our long and steady trek to debt freedom and help us meet one of our goals all at the same time.


Wish us luck!


P.S. Alexa ranks sites based primarily on tracking a sample set of internet traffic through the use of their toolbar. If we ever get an Alexa ranking, we’ll also get access to a bunch of fun analytical data. You can find more information at www.alexa.com.



  1. Welcome to the challenge! I’m about half way through and have seen a huge increase in the Alexa rankings and traffic. Let me know if you are needing any tips. Good luck with the challenge! BTW love the site!!!

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