Treat Yo Self: Frugal Edition

treat yo self

Treat Yo Self: Frugal Edition

Hi friends,

Ever feel like you’re just slowly walking towards your goals? It can be tough watching all of your money pay down debt day after day – especially if you have all your payments automated like us…and it’s going to take you 1.5 years to reach your goal.

In order to keep ourselves motivated we’ve been investing in frugal rewards to keep us excited as we reach each milestone. It’s the same idea nutritionists often suggest for maintaining a healthy diet: everything in moderation. Anyways, here are some cheap(er) ideas to keep the gazelle-like intensity:

  1. Get that Starbucks grande iced coconut milk mocha macchiato instead of making coffee at home
  2. New nail polish & a DIY mani/pedi
  3. Take yourself out to lunch
  4. Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers
  5. Get the fancy cheese at the grocery store
  6. Drop in to your favorite boutique fitness class
  7. Go for the guacamole at Chipotle
  8. Pick up a new Cosmo, Vogue, or Women’s Health at the store and re-live your teen years
  9. Get a 2nd happy hour beverage (or a happy hour beverage if you normally skip)
  10. Rent a movie on your computer/tv and indulge in watching something current for once
  11. Three words: middle shelf wine
  12. Buy yourself some 5 for $25 new undies as an unexpected luxury (& throw out those old ones :-P)

Go on, treat yo self (occasionally & mindfully).


What are your favorite ways to treat yo self?


  1. Yaaaas! I’ve totally done these, too! If you want a badass home manicure, you can get a shellac manicure set for like $50. For the cost of one manicure you can do ten at home.

    And fancy cheese and Chipotle guac are life!

  2. I love the underwear idea! Nothing feels better than wearing brand new underwear. My favourite underwear always goes on sale on Boxing Day and it’s the one thing I’m willing to face the craziness of the mall for that day.

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