***Disclosure: Dames in Debt received a free copy of this book. This post contains affiliate links. <3 from the Dames*** Hi friends, it’s time for another installment of #finlit! You know, that thing I do where I meet my annual GoodReads reading goal via consuming every personal finance book know to man (& several Nancy Drew Mystery Stories). Anyways, today’s book happens to be You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham. Before we get started, I want to just reiterate one more time that each of us Dames got a free copy of this book to review it. That’s it. No strings attached to the review,Read More →


Welcome to 2018 – the year everyone’s hoping won’t be so much of a dumpster fire like last year. Politics aside, now that I’ve paid off the big credit card, I get to have a little more fun with my goals this year. To recap, my 2017 financial goals were: Pay off the credit card! DONE DONE DONE Build an emergency fund again NOT EVEN KIND OF Go 12-for-12 on sticking to my budget I GOT 50% ON THIS ONE So funny story, it’s hard to rebuild an emergency fund when you keep having emergencies. Losing my job. rather unexpectedly, moving, and my driver’s side window suddenly notRead More →