The Dames

The Dames are a pair of sisters spanning the great United States of Indebtedness. Learn more about them here.

East Coast Dame

Katie, oh sorry she goes by Kathryn now since she’s all grown up, is the coolest cucumber on her side of the Mississippi. She’s known what she wanted to be since she was about 12 and she went for it.

She’s the sassy younger sister on the East Coast and when she was born I didn’t know how cool she would be. She went to a great college and graduated in 3 years, worked for a year, then got herself into law school. She’s very ambitious, smart, and totally fun, very good at hosting parties, and now she’s a newly minted lawyer, but she’s also in a lot of debt. You can think of her like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, fashionable, fun, intellectual, and yes, blonde too.

She knew she “made it” when she was featured as the 2nd-lowest-earning person in a Cosmopolitan article!

 You can read more about this lawyer/debt fighting dame here.

West Coast Dame

Jessica is the super chill older sister. She didn’t just hop off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan…she road-tripped there in her prized Tacoma & all of her belongings. An aerospace engineer with a passion for inspiring the younger generations, she spends her days designing museum exhibits about space & hanging with the Endeavor space shuttle at a science museum.

College debt, a high cost of living, a serious gluten intolerance, and a less-than-fantastic salary have combined to force this superstar into the “fabulous frugal” lifestyle (she basically lives the rom-com life complete with outdoor movie picnics), but there’s no doubt her future is as bright as the stars she talks about every day.

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