Our Favorite Things

As a personal finance and lifestyle blog, we’ve spent countless hours using various products and services. Whether it’s personal finance software, web hosting, or trying out hand-wash laundry machines, we have a ton of recommendations of things to use or check out. Here are some of our top favorite things:

Money Things

Online Money Management

We love Mint. Both of the us use it to track our finances, set savings and debt repayment goals, and see our total financial picture.

Mint is always free, makes paying your taxes a little easier (Intuit owns Mint plus Turbo Tax), and is extremely easy to use. After testing out a couple of different money management systems, Mint is our favorite.


Personal Finance Book

Through our #FinLit series, we’ve read a decent number of personal finance books. The clear winner here is the Dave Ramsey classic, The Total Money Makeover.

Dave’s advice is clear, easy to follow, and covers every financial situation. With a focus on debt repayment, both of us Dames are following his baby steps to financial freedom.




Personal Loan

 As you learned in my Payoff Series, I used a Payoff personal loan to refinance my largest credit card debt. While I would’ve eventually paid it off just through regular monthly payments, using Payoff made a huge difference with my motivation and mental stamina, so much so that I was able to pay off that debt 6 months early!

The Payoff team was lovely to work with, made the loan process super easy, and had a very simple online platform that made it a breeze to use.

Money Saving Apps

Using Ibotta is one of those things that just makes sense. Without even changing my regular weekly purchases, I saved over $75 last year…and if I’d actually been trying to get as many rebates as possible, who knows?

Ibotta is free and easy to use, works on Apple & Android phones, and saves you money on the groceries you already needed. We couldn’t recommend it enough.



Blogging Things

Web Hosting

We’ve used Bluehost for web hosting for years and appreciate their reasonable pricing, good customer service, and easy WordPress integration.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, we highly recommend using Bluehost for your hosting services. If you sign up for Bluehost using our link you get a free domain name.